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Hammock World Auckland Showroom
Visit Us in Devonport for Luxurious
Outdoor Hammocks

Specialists in Mayan-Silk (Real Nylon) Hammocks with 5-year All-Weather Guarantee
Orders are processed within 24 hours, then delivered between 2-5 working days, depending upon destination. If a delay is anticipated, we will contact you for advice. Auckland residents are welcome to visit our Showroom in Devonport - please phone to arrange an appointment.
We enjoy hearing from you - See Hammock Fibre
Phone Auckland 09 445 3999
The Hammock Store opening hours -
Dec 20 - 10 to 4
Dec 21 - 10 to 4
Dec 22 - 10 to 4
Dec 23 - 10 to 4
Dec 24 only 10 to 2

Melrose House
183 Victoria Road

Support Hotline
0800 (4 RELAX) 473 529
Postal Address
PO Box 32-393
Auckland 0744
New Zealand
Genuine Wholesale enquiries are welcomed. Please contact us for details.
Hammock World Headquarters
Devonport, Auckland
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New Zealand Design Registration and Trademarks
NZ Made Designer Hammock Stands (World Wide Design Registration Pending)

IP Office of New Zealand Design Registration 

Hammock Compact Stand # 411871
Hammock Recliner Stand # 412308
Hammock Support Stand # 412447

IP Office of New Zealand Trademarks  

Hammock World   # 730144
All Weather Hammocks # 744751
Hammock Recliner # 745579

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