Cotton Hammock Care

Cotton hammocks are unsuitable for continuous outdoor use, where mildew and rot will eventually occur in any damp environment. Cotton is a natural 'plant' fibre produced from cotton plants and is therefore not an outdoor fibre! Cotton hammocks are only suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor use.

Mildew is a living organism that thrives on damp 'vegetable' material. If your cotton hammock does get wet, leaving it outside to dry in a gentle breeze could be the best drying option, because mildew can not grow if the 'temperature' and 'humidity' within the cotton fibre is continuously changing. Alternatively, hang your damp hammock up in a sheltered location to air-dry. If your cotton hammock does get wet it must be dried thoroughly, as soon as possible - do not tumble-dry!

Never leave a damp cotton hammock in a heap on the floor and only store after 'airing' on top of a hot-water cylinder or similar warm location. Mildew is the first stage of rot and will appear as small black fungal spots. If the fungus growth is stopped at an early stage, the cotton fibre will retain most of its strength - this can be achieved by washing your hammock while it is still wet.

Washing Instructions - Hold the hammock end-loops apart in each hand so your hammock hangs vertically - now twist both end-loops evenly in similar directions. Once the hammock is fully twisted, tie the end-loops firmly together - your hammock is now ready for washing. Hand-knead in a diluted bleach solution for no longer than two minutes taking care not to tangle the netting. Rinse well, un-twist, hang and air-dry.

It is advisable to always twist the end loops together when transporting or storing your hammock.

hammock washing

Outdoor hammocks need to be made with a good quality synthetic fibre, to withstand mildew rot and the ravages of UV deterioration.

Hammock Fibre

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