Hammock Care

When leaving a netting hammock outside, caution must be exercised, as unexpected winds can result in cord damage from mechanical abrasion against walls, poles, trees, plants etc. Attention must be given to clothing fasteners when exiting from a netting hammock - buttons, buckles, Velcro etc can catch on hammock cords and pull the hammock netting out of shape. The optional Comfort Cushion will prevent this from happening to the Hammock Chair, and also maintain your Hammock's good looks.

When treated with the appropriate care your netting hammock will provide many years of pleasurable service. Hammock World netting hammocks are very durable and require minimum maintenance. Should you need to wash your hammock, this must be done by hand, but first you need to prepare the hammock netting -

Washing Instructions - Hold the hammock end loops apart in each hand so your hammock hangs vertically – now twist both end loops evenly in similar directions. Once the hammock is fully twisted, tie the end loops firmly together, your hammock is now ready for washing. Hand knead your hammock taking care not to tangle the netting. Rinse well and air dry.

It is advisable to always twist the end loops together when transporting or storing your hammock.

hammock washing

Netting Repair

Hammock World is the only supplier of hammocks in New Zealand with the time-honoured experience and passion, to repair indigenous Mayan-silk, sprang-woven netting Chair Hammocks - please contact us for details.

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