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Stunning Property, Luxury Furniture - Winner of NZ House & Garden Indoor/Outdoor Award

Free-Standing Hammock Chair Stainless Stand

Hand Engineered in New Zealand

The Hammock Chair Stainless Stand is designed for Outdoor Living and comes with a 10-year All-Weather Warranty. The Stand is hand-engineered in '304' Stainless, which has been electropolished to the highest quality to remain 'rust-free' and mirror-bright, even when set up at the coast. Suitable for any environment from the ocean to the mountains.

Premium Quality Outdoor Furniture requires the very best components in order to maintain the highest product integrity, so we use the very best stainless to withstand the corrosive elements of the New Zealand environment! Designed and hand-created in New Zealand.

Hammock Chair and Comfort Cushion available separately.

The Hammock Chair Stainless Stand is over-engineered to safely support the larger person with confidence.

Load Limit: 180kg
Stand Weight: 22kg

hammock support standhammock support standhammock support stand


Hammock Chair Cushion

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Your Product is Unbelievable - it's so Durable it will Last a Lifetime!!!

"Having purchased one of your original Stainless Hammock Stands, which is still in the same condition as when we bought it, it’s absolutely amazing! I only had to contact you after approx 16 years to replace the Hammock Chair, because it had faded slightly, yet it was still strong, just wanted to freshen it up - your response was impeccable and nothing was a burden to you, in fact delightful, much appreciated.

My husband is a perfectionist, plus a BIG moaner at the same time, and very rarely would he give a positive comment about anything, always looks for the negative. But here he’s saying it was the best built Hammock he’s ever seen. He says it’s the top grade stainless your product is made with, which is it's biggest asset - it’s so durable it's unbelievable, and will last a lifetime!!!

Once again many thanks for your professional service, and most of all for being a sincere person. Your honesty we cannot fault, may your business continue to be the great success it is to date."

Alicia & Laurence :)

NZ IP Design Registration Number 412447

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Hammock Chair Cushion

Hammock Chair Stainless Stand - $1420
Hammock & Cushion purchased separately

Made in New Zealand


Buy Now - $1420   In Stock

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