Mexican Double Hammocks

Budget Cotton Hammock includes Suspension Ropes

Mexican Double Hammock

Mexican Double Hammock

The ‘Cotton’ Mexican Double Hammock is a budget Hammock made with 20/80 polyester/cotton netting - the polyester adds strength to the cotton fibre.

The Double Hammock is similar in size and comfort to the 'All Weather' Classic Hammock and comes with a 2-year Guarantee.

Hammocks have a timelss form, which stirs the imagination with freedom to float away and the Double Hammock is the ultimate dreamtime machine!

Caution: Cotton hammocks are designed for indoor or sheltered outdoor use. Cotton is a natural 'plant' fibre, not suited to outdoor use where mildew and rot will eventually occur in any damp environment - see "Traditional Hammock Attachment Kit" info below.

hanging diagram correct

Bowline Knot

netting natural

Available in Natural

Load Limit: 300 kilo

Hanging the Double Hammock

hanging diagram correct

Correct Hanging Angle

hanging diagram wrong

Incorrect Hanging Angle

Hanging distance required - 4 metres (13ft).

Check out the colours of our All-Weather Silk Hammocks.

Wellbeing Benefits

Hammock Care Testimonials

cotton double hammock

no roll out  safe and stable  diamond ventilation

Mexican Double Hammock - $165

FREE 2.5m Suspension Ropes

  • Mexican Double Hammock
  • Suspension Ropes 2 x 2.5m (8mm) Polyester
  • 2-year Guarantee

Buy Now - $165

outdoor bolster cushion

Hammock Bolster Cushion - $95
More information

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attachment kit attachment kit

Traditional Hammock Attachment Kit - $49

The Attachment Kit is designed to set-up your Traditional Hammock with ease. First tie the free-ends of both attachment ropes to their supports and hook the hammock ‘loops’ onto the ’S' hooks. Then adjust both toggles until the centre of your hammock is the right height. This is normally mid-thigh height above ground.

All netting hammocks need to be protected from the wind and Cotton Hammocks must be brought indoors to avoid mildew and rot occurring in any damp environment. After a hammock has been ‘loaded' it can be difficult and sometimes impossible to undo the knots. The Attachment Kit makes removal easy!

  • Easy to adjust the hammock height off the ground.
  • No more knots to slip undone or fail.
  • 2 x 3.8 metres of 8mm x 3 ply 1,400 kg loading Polyester ropes
  • 2 x heavy duty '316' Stainless hooks
  • 2 x Oakwood toggles
  • 3-year Weather-Proof Warranty
Buy Now - $49

Child Care  CAUTION - Hammocks must not be used as a swing by children. Babies must never be left unattended in any hammock. Play it safe.   

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