Mexican Hammock Chair

Budget Cotton Hammocks

Mexican Hammock Chair With Spreader Bar

Mexican Hammock Chair with Spreader Bar

Mexican Hammock Chair Without Spreader Bar

Mexican Hammock Chair without Spreader Bar

The Mexican Hammock Chair is a budget chair hammock made with 20/80 polyester/cotton - the polyester adds strength to the cotton fibre. The Cotton Hammock Chair is identical in size, shape and comfort to the 'All Weather' Hammock Chair and comes with a 12-month Guarantee.

The neutral gravity reclining position relieves the body of accumulated stress - see Benefits below.

The Cotton Hammock Chair comes complete with an extra-wide 1200mm Spreader Bar for increased elbow-room comfort and includes a Marine Grade '316’ (rust-free) Stainless Carabiner for convenient single-point suspension. Supplied with sufficient Polyester rope to suspend from a deck beam or ceiling height of 2.4m.

The Mexican Hammock Chair is also available without the Spreader Bar - 2 x 2.5m Suspension Ropes replace the Bar. When setting up your hammock netting with Suspension Ropes, the maximum distance between the hammock ‘loops’ must be no greater than 1.5m apart. The minimum distance apart is 1.2m.

Caution: Cotton hammocks are designed for indoor or sheltered outdoor use. Cotton is a natural 'plant' fibre, not suited to outdoor use where mildew and rot will eventually occur in any damp environment.

Getting into and out of your Hammock Chair without the Comfort Cushion - see Care & Handling

Load Limit: 150 kilo

Check out the colours of our All Weather Mayan Silk Hammocks.

Therapeutic Benefits

Installation Hammock Care Testimonials

mexican hammock chair

stainless steel karabiner  no roll out  safe and stable

Mexican Hammock Chair including Spreader Bar - $95
Available in Natural


Buy Now - $95

mexican hammock chair

Mexican Hammock Chair without Spreader Bar - $65
Available in Natural


Buy Now - $65

Hammock Chair Cushion

Hammock Chair Cushion - $175
Hammock Chair purchased separately

Made in New Zealandsunbrella logo

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Hammock Chair Cushion - Inner Only $55

Made in New Zealand

The Comfort Cushion is available as an Inner Only without the Sunbrella® fabric cover for personal DIY covering - you choose the fabric to match your decor. The Cushion Inner does not include the hinged Pillow.

Caution: The Cushion Inner must be covered with furnishing fabric before using. The Inner is supplied with only a lightweight lining fabric which is unsuitable for use.

Buy Now - $55

CAUTION - The Hammock Chair must not be used as a swing by children. Babies must never be left unattended in any hammock. Play it safe.    Child Care

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