Hammock World Warranty

Hammock World, TTT Moon & Haven Tents

Hammock World commits to meet our obligations under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act

All Hammock World products are individually inspected and must pass our strict quality control before being released. Customers who’s product has a genuine defect of material, or less than acceptable quality of workmanship should contact Hammock World immediately a defect becomes apparent.

10-year All Weather™ Warranty

Our Stainless Stand has stood the test of time! The ‘304’ Stainless is electropolished to the highest quality to remain Rust-Free and Mirror-Bright for 10-years and counting, in any New Zealand environment, including ’next to the ‘ocean’ - see Testament below ...

Ticket To The Moon Travel, Camping Hammocks and Accessories are all covered by a 10 year Warranty. TTTMoon was established in 1996 and has an excellent manufacturing record for long lasting quality outdoor products.

5-year Weatherproof All Weather™ Warranty

Products carrying our ‘industry-best’ 5-year Weatherproof Warranty are designed for outdoor use and are fully guaranteed against mildew, rot and rust. Hammock World offers a 5-year Warranty on materials and workmanship for our 'All Weather' labelled products and will repair or replace at our expense a product which does not meet our highest quality standard.

Hammock World is the only supplier of hammocks in New Zealand with the time-honoured experience and passion, to repair indigenous Mayan-silk sprang-woven netting Hammocks Chairs. This offer does not apply to commercial usage.

2-year Cotton Warranty

Hammock World cotton products are backed by a 2-year warranty against faulty materials and workmanship. Cotton hammocks are woven with a ‘plant’ fibre which is not designed for continuous outdoor use, where mildew and rot will eventually occur in any damp environment.


Please note that our Warranty does not cover consumer neglect or misuse. Our Warranty does not cover mechanical abrasion to hammock cords resulting from consumer negligence, damage from pets, or inappropriate use by adults or children.


When leaving a netting hammock outside, caution must be exercised, as unexpected winds can result in cord damage from mechanical abrasion against walls, poles, trees, plants etc. When treated with the appropriate care all Hammock World products will provide many years of pleasurable service.

Hammocks must not be used as a swing by children. Babies must never be left unattended in a hammock - play it safe.

Treat with Care

When exiting from a netting hammock attention must be given to clothing fasteners - buttons, buckles, Velcro etc which can catch on hammock cords and pull the hammock netting out of shape. When exiting from the Hammock Chair, the optional Comfort Cushion will prevent this from happening and also maintain your Hammocks' good looks.


Hammock World is a conscious business - we put social justice and environmental sustainability at the very top of our business priority. Our extended Warranties reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We make every effort to source the best materials available for the manufacture of our products. Timber selected for the manufacture of our Hammock Stands is sourced exclusively from NZ environmentally sustainable forests. Our commitment is to produce excellence - the highest quality outdoor hammock furniture available.

We are extremely passionate about the 'dynamic' qualities and 'therapeutic' benefits our hammocks have to offer everybody, regardless of size or shape. We welcome all your comments, compliments and complaints - especially those relating to product improvement.

Client Testimonial

Having purchased one of your original Stainless Hammock Stands, which is still in it’s original mirror-bright condition as when we bought it, it’s absolutely amazing. I only had to contact you after approx 16 years to replace the Hammock Chair netting, because it had faded slightly, yet it was still strong, just wanted to freshen it up. Your response was impeccable, and nothing was a burden to you, in fact delightful - very much appreciated!

My husband is a perfectionist, and he’s saying it is the best engineered Hammock Stand he’s ever seen. Laurence says it’s the top grade stainless your product is made with, which is it's biggest asset - it’s so durable it's unbelievable, and will last a lifetime! Once again many thanks for your professional service and most of all for being a sincere person - your honesty we cannot fault.

Alicia & Laurence

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