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Best Camping Hammock for Packrafting, Bike Touring, Kayaking, making sleep the highlight of camping.

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Haven XL Tent for Kayak & Canoe Camping
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Haven XL Tent for Bike Camping

Haven Tent XL is ideally suited to outdoor adventuring with your favourite mode of transport, offering a unique flat-back design making sleep the highlight of camping.

About the Haven Tent

Structural Ridgeline

Yes, the nylon strap connecting the end loops of the hammock makes for a great handhold and helps keep the bug net and rainfly in place. But there is a lot more behind this structural ridgeline.

Finding trees with just the right spacing is one of the many things that can ruin your night with a traditional hammock. Without a structural ridgeline, a traditional hammock can sag too much or be pulled too tight if the trees are too close or too far apart.

Trees need to be at least 3m apart to accommodate the Haven XL Tent, but it’s not a problem if the trees are even further than that! As tree spacing increases, the ridgeline will carry more and more tension, but the hammock body and sleeping platform are held in place and will not change regardless of tree spacing.

Spreader Bars

On either end of the hammock body, you’ll find a collapsable pole that helps hold the internal space of the hammock open. It easily tucks into pockets that are secured to the support arcs on either side. Without the poles, the lay flat design still works, but there is less room inside the tent.

Catenary Support Arcs

One of the first things you’ll notice looking at a Haven XL Tent are the two support arcs on either side of the hammock. Much like a suspension bridge, these arcs follow a catenary curve. This is a natural curve between two objects, like how a rope sags between two points.

Practical and super functional, an added bonus of low sidewalls is the incredible view from inside the tent. There are no sidewalls blocking your line of sight so you can fully enjoy the world you came to see.

Air Mattress

The Haven XL Tent is one of the first hammocks designed specifically for use with an air mattress. Not only does our mattress provide insulation, but the mattress also acts as a critical element of our design.

If you’ve slept in a traditional camping hammock (not a Haven XL Tent), you probably have first-hand experience with shoulder squeeze. A pressure on your sides that comes from the walls of the hammock wrapping you up like a burrito. This gets really uncomfortable and keeps a lot of people from ever trying to sleep in a hammock again.

This is where our air mattress comes in. Simply put, the horizontal baffles in our mattress help hold the sleeping space open. Eliminating shoulder squeeze and more closely mirroring your at-home sleeping environment.

We offer the Haven XL Tent without the Haven mattress to save weight, or alternatively a choice of Klymit hammock wraparound mattresses

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